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g services >> shepard: tonight, live from the all-star game in phoenix, allegation of witness tampering in the casey anthony case as investigators speak for the first time since the verdict. >> we have 6,000 leads in an eighth month time span. >> officials holding news conference to answer questions about the case. >> she wouldn't tell the tooth. that's all we were after was the truth. >> rare insight from insiders. two planes flying at each other with no time to turn. >> when they came close they just had an impact. >> shepard: tonight the air collision that everybody survived. just a week after a father died trying to snag a baseball, another fan almost takes a horrible tumble. tonight, how this guy's friends made a big catch of their own right here at chase field.
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and good afternoon from the valley of the sun. phoenix arizona where we are just an hour away from the start of the 2011 major league all-star game. a mid summer classic is brewing behind me and a live look at chase field where the players have been getting in some b.p. before tonight's big game on the fox broadcast network. we expect acknowledgments tonight of january's shooting spree in tucson. that attack killed six and wounded more than a dozen others including the congresswoman from here gabriel giffords. and today the then intern who helped save congressman woman giffords life daniel hernandez they out the first pitch. christina taylor green the 9-year-old deliver the starting line up card. all the action on the field. game an hour away. first from fox this tuesday night. some of the key investigators from the casey anthony trial are now speaking publicly for the first time since the verdict. casey is due to walk free from jail this sunday after a jury
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acquitted her of murdering her daughter. today, investigators discuss what was happening behind the scenes during that investigation. and it was a revealing series of statements. in fact, one detective said he just couldn't believe casey's attitude when he was questioning her about her missing daughter. >> it's so amazing to me how she reacted or how she didn't react inside the interview. there is no question about it y'all have heard the interview there are times where i could tell myself was frustrated to the point where she wasn't being honest or completely honest with us. >> shepard: that detective says is he unhappy with the verdict. said we all have to respect the judicial system. phil keating on fox top story tonight from florida. he covered the trial from orlando and in south florida newsroom tonight. phil, the sheriff's department stands by the job it did. that despite all of this post verdict criticism. >> specifically, shep, to the fact that those infamous woods just a five minute walk from the anthony home were never
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completely searched for caylee's remains. they were only discovered in december of 2008 by meter reader roy cronk who four months before had called in a phone tip that he thought he may have seen a skull in the woods. they may have lost critical crime scene evidence that could have critical evidence. like fingerprints and on the ducket tape. >> the body was there in august of 2008 it would have been two months as aopposed to six months. i would like to think that wield find more. but, again, to say for certain, who knows. >> we move forward and i think they are absolutely right. we can't fill in the blanks of what would have changed with the history of this case. but that definitely was held -- >> that deputy referred to lost his job terminated for responding to roy kronk's phone tip but blowing him off and not searching the woods, shep.
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>> shepard: possibility of perjury charges against casey's mom but sounds like now that's not happening. >> no charges against cindy anthony. tampering involving a defense witness who may have been coached what to say on the stand. incidentally that witness never did testify during the trial. as for cindy anthony it certainly appeared obvious to anyone watching the trial that she did per jerry herself she is the one who searched for clor fill and chloroform in 2008. days later in state's rebuttal co-workers testified that her records prove she was at her work desk at the time. legal experts say they are not surprised she is not being pursued on the perjury charge. they say lying family members rarely are, shep? >> shepard: phil keating live tonight in south florida. thanks. president obama putting new pressure on republicans tonight in standoff against raising the united states debt limit. he says if there is no deal on this thing by august the 2nd, three weeks from today, senior citizens may not get their
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social security checks and they are not the only ones. here listen. >> these are veterans' checks. these are folks on disability and their checks. there are about 70 million checks that go out. i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. >> shepard: well today the house speaker john boehner suggested those millions of americans will only have one person to blame. >> house republicans have a plan. we passed our budget back in the spring. where is the president's plan? when is he going to lay his cards on the table? this debt limit increase is his problem. >> this is an american problem. it's not a democratic problem. it's not a republican problem. it's not this president's problem. in fact, as i said, this is not a vote on new spending. this is a vote to fulfill the obligations made by previous congresses under a previous president by and large. >> shepard: well, after throwing their punches in public they all
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got together again at the white house in what appeared really whether it was another matter. how it went, mikey. >> long meeting. close to two hours. house republican leader eric cantor says he was taken aback by president obama's continued insistence on raising taxes. expectations were low going in considering the heated rhetoric today. some democratic sources say considering the rhetoric going in, it was actually a pretty productive meeting. although there were no major breakthroughs. they say there is a lot of emphasis on areas of agreement. they are trying to do building blocks from there, shep. >> shepard: just crossing across the wireless. i'm sure you are aware of it. talking about a backup plan. last resort contingency plan as well. tell us about it? >> sounds like nobody's first choice but senator mitch mcconnell laid out a plan where the president would get the
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money he needs to raise the debt ceiling through the 2012 election. here is senator mcconnell on this backup plan. >> i would advocate that we pass legislation, giving the president the authority the authority to request of us an increase in the debt ceiling that would take us pass some conservatives have been critical saying this is a sign that senator mcconnell blinked first but house speaker john boehner told back up plans as well. >> mike emanuel at the white house. almost unheard of a quote today from a federal administration spokesman after two small planes collided right in mid-air near anchorage and landed and somehow nobody got hurt after a mid-air collision. investigator says the pilot simply didn't see each other.
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our david lee miller live with the news. nobody heard. how is that possible nobody gets hurt. >> one of the mechanics involved with one of the planes said that one of the planes had been, perhaps, in direction there would have been fatalities here. took place 100 miles southwest along a mountain corridor called lake park pass. flying throughout narrow canyon float plane with four on board flying in the opposite direction at a slight, and i mean very slightly higher altitude. the cessna's float which is used to land that plane on water hit the tail of the piper. the damage was minimal. and the pilots were able to land both of those aircraft interestingly. the piper made it as far as anchorage which was its destination, shepard? >> shepard: have they given two planes don't see each other. >> what's worth noting here is
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number one, neither of these la planes had radar. they were using bfr visual flight rules. according to the owner of the piper he said that off in the distance very small aircraft one of these planes coming right at you would appear as motionless speck. he said that the passengers on on that piper even after the collision thought they had only been hit by a bird. neither of the pilots made any type of evasive maneuvers. to put this whole thing in perspective for. so far this year there have been nine mid-air collisions in the united states claiming a total of 11 lives. the folks in alaska say what happened there on sunday nothing less than a miracle. shepard? >> david lee miller live in new york city tonight. david lee, thank you. there is some breaking news right now out of new orleans. it's our understanding that some children have been shot in the suburbs. we're waiting for breaking news details from there. we'll have them in a moment. plus the gun rights legislation
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debate goes on. there are brand new rules for gun dealers along the border with mexico. and new controversy over questions of stacy and our constitutional rights. plus, a fan right here at the all-star game home run derby last night went for a ball and nearly lost his life. take a look. it happened right here just below my live position tonight. that's a live look or it's going to be. there it is. a live look at the spot where it happened. we'll show you one of the wildest plays of the night as well. from the journalists of fox news, from the valley of the sun tonight, this is the fox report from fox news channel.
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>> shepard: first lady michelle obama and several former first ladies gathered this afternoon to say goodbye to betty ford, the widow of the former president gerald ford. the memorial service began in palm desert, california about two hours ago now. mrs. ford died on friday at 93 years old. she is perhaps best known for her work with the betty ford center for alcohol and drug abuse. mrs. ford helped create it after doctors at a naval hospital treated her for addiction and she decided women required care customized for their needs. now, friends, family, and every day americans are remembering a woman who touched so many lives and whose legacy will surely continue long after her death. our correspondent casey stegall
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is in palm desert this afternoon. betty ford planned out parts of today's memorial herself. >> yeah, she did, in fact, five years ago, shepard, is when she asked people like coke can i roberts of abc to deliver the eulogy and head of the clinic and rose lynn carter wife of jimmy carter to eulogize her this day and all of them reflecting back on a woman who did things outside the box. >> someone who was willing to do things a bit differently than they had been done before. someone who had the courage and grace to fight fear, stigma, and prejudice wherever she encountered it and today it's almost impossible to imagine a time when people were afraid to reveal they had cancer. how to speak publicly about personal struggles with alcohol or addiction. >> mrs. carter even telling a funny antidote to the crowd saying back in the day when she
7:15 pm
and betty used to travel to washington, d.c., betty would round up the republicans and she would round up the democrats and, shepard, in her own words, she thought they were quite effective. >> shepard: and the memorial service continues tomorrow, right? >> yeah, absolutely. tomorrow morning the body of betty ford will be flown to grand rapids, michigan. grand rapids is the home of the ford presidential library. on thursday a second memorial service will be held there and then mrs. ford will finally be laid to rest next to her husband on what would have been president ford's 98th birthday. shepard? >> shepard: casey stegall live palm desert, california tonight. casey, thank you. we are waiting for word over whether the media mogul rupert murdoch will attend a hearing in great britain that is news to the world hacking scandal. investigators say staffers at that newspaper hacked into the voice mail accounts of people whom they were covering. it was a 168-year-old newspaper that printed its last edition on
7:16 pm
sunday. but the controversy did not die with the tabloid. far from it the british house of commons today requested appearances from news corps chairman and ceo rupert murdoch as well as his son, the deputy chief operating officer james murdock. we're told the committee cannot compel the murdocks to attend the hearing because they are american citizens, but it can force the paper's former editor rebekah brooks to show up because she is a british national. news of the world was part of news international, that's u.k. newspaper division of news corporation, which is the parent company of fox news channel. this all comes as the former bricial prime minister gordon brown accuses the news international papers of using criminals to get confidential information about his own family. >> bigger access to my legal files. there is some question mark about what happened to other files, documentation, tax and everything else. i'm shocked. i'm genuinely shocked to find that this happened because of
7:17 pm
the links with criminals. >> shepard: well, the former prime minister did not identify any of the alleged criminals by name and news international responded with a statement that reads in part: so that we can investigate these matters further, we ask that all information concerning these allegations is provided to us. but tonight, we're seeing new fallout from this scandal. the current british prime minister david cammeron says his government will now support a nonbinding resolution that calls upon news corporation to withdraw a 12 billion-dollar bid for the british broadcasting company b sky b. news corps is still waiting for regulators to approve that deal. by the way the chairman of the federal communications commission here in the united states says he does not expect to get involved with this ongoing hacking investigation. well, amid all the fun and excitement here at the all-star game in phoenix. major league baseball all taking time for remembrance. specifically the tragedy down the road in tucson, arizona. we'll hear from the hero in turn
7:18 pm
who helped save gabriel giffords life. that as we countdown to the first pitch of the 2011 major all-star game. i'm also getting new information out of new orleans. a mother and three children have been shot and according to the associated press, killed. four dead in the suburb of kenner louisiana. we are waiting for pictures and something automotive. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: a fox urgent now. and the latest as we have it at this moment from the new orleans suburb of kenner, louisiana. and a report that somebody has come and shot a woman to death and her three children. we're told it happened about an hour ago inside a suburban home in kenner. the children reportedly aged 12, 6, and 1, all shot and killed.
7:22 pm
investigators say right now they don't know who a suspect might be. they have no clue of what a motive might be. we're waiting for local crews and our own folks to get us updates from there. we expect them minutes from now inside fox report. first though a live look inside at chase field in the valley of the sun. it's about 105, 106 degrees today. but it's a perfect 72 under the roof where about 40 minutes from now the stars of tonight's all-star game and major league baseball playing tribute to the shooting rampage down the road in arizona. christina taylor green parents and brother are deliver to starting line up cards tonight. youngest of six people who died in that attack. just nine years old, born on the day of our greatest national tragedy in recent times september 11th, 2011. her grandfather dallas green, the former manager of the new york yankees, the new york mets
7:23 pm
and the philadelphia phillys. and throwing out the first pitch tonight is 21-year-old daniel hernandez. he is the intern, you may remember, who helped save congresswoman gabriel giffords life. holding her up, putting pressure on her head wound after she was shot in the head until paramedics got there this afternoon on "studio b" daniel hernandez told me what his life has been like since then. >> it's been really hectic and really busy because of what happened. i had a lot of opportunities i never would have had before to go out and speak to especially young people about the importance of getting involved but also getting an education. so i'm very busy but i'm loving every second of being able to talk about the things that are important to me. >> shepard: major league baseball officials say there will also be a moment of silence for the shooting victims before tonight's game begins in about 40 minutes. the feds announcing new rules for gun sales here in the state of arizona and other border states. the justice department ordering stores and dealers to report anybody who buys two or more high-powered rifles over a five day span.
7:24 pm
officials say they are trying to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and those mexican drug cartels. but gun rights activists say the policy is unfair to honest customers. shannon bream is in d.c. tonight there are critics in congress as well, shannon. >> shepard, capitol hill republicans are very skeptical. take a listen to congressman darryl issa. >> we have no expectation that this white house will be respectful of the second amendment. we have deep concerns that, in fact, they are going to push it and dare congress and the supreme court to stop them. >> we also obtained internal atf emails today that seem to suggest atf agents were link the criminal activity and certain semiautomatic weapons in order to bolster the case for a rule like the dodge issued yesterday, shep. >> shepard: policy has detractors but there are supporters on the hill. >> gun control activists say they have been waiting on this administration to act.
7:25 pm
they are looking forward to seeing even more. take a listen. >> there is a great deal that could be done. the american people, i think, are crying out for action and we're looking for presidential leadership on this issue. >> and they are likely to get some because we expect an executive order from the president on the issue of gun control within weeks, shep. >> shepard: shannon bream live in d.c. shannon, thanks. one of the most powerful men in all of afghanistan shot dead. his own body guard accused of gunning down the half-brother of the president there harmid karzai. so what does that mean to the war in afghanistan? and how in the world did this man go down just as american forces start to come home? plus,. >> this is the stuff of which heros are made. >> shepard: the commander and chief awarding the nation's highest military honor to an army ranger. and wait until you hear what he did after he almost died saving his fellow soldiers. we're live in washington with
7:26 pm
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that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a sqre foot. >> shepard: well, if you don't want to risk falling from the stands at a ballpark, do not attempt to replicate what you are about to see here. this is from right here in phoenix in this stadium at last night's home run derby. look at the man there. notice the no shoes. he apparently missed the memo that the ledge there is for putting your beer on, not your bare feet. now, watch this as the ball comes toward him he loses his balance, imagine that tumbles over the railing head first. can you see it in the spot shadow there. but his about brother and a friend and others managed to catch him by the legs and save him from a fall head first to about 20 feet. now the brother tells fox news is he now kind of laying low because people on the internet are being mean to him. he adds they only went to the
7:30 pm
game to have fun, duh. this was just hours after a funeral of a texas rangers fan who died in a similar kind of fall. now, here's the spot live -- a live look in chase field here in phoenix where the guy almost fell last night. can you see that ledge there. see the people? they have food on the ledge. they have drinks on the ledge. some are standing behind the ledge. no one is standing on the ledge. by the way, when said guy fell, his beer was saved. so there is no tragedy to report from chase field tonight. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. word that one of the most powerful and controversial men in all of afghanistan, the half-brother of afghan president harmid karzai died today. shot in the head by one of his own men. he is ahmed wali karzai. reportedly the victim of one of his trust worthy advisors who
7:31 pm
we're told shot him at his home in the city of kandahar in southern afghanistan. that region, of course, the birthplace of the taliban movement and the site of continued violence from insurgency. ahmed walid karzai was a pivotal figure in talks with the taliban. according to many annual polices his reported ties to heroin and opium dealers and allegations weighs on the cia payroll made him a serious liability. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt on the top story from the bottom of the hour from new york. it's kind of good news and bad news if a death can be good news. >> in a sense bad news because it produces some instability in a country like afghanistan. that is never good particularly in southern afghanistan where walid karzai was particularly powerful but where the taliban might try to fill the power vacuum created by his death. it also though according some analysts because wari karzai was
7:32 pm
entirely corrupt and he was tied in that corruption to the united states. so, annual listings like michael o'hanlon of the brookings institution believe it's a chance for the u.s. to create a clean slate. listen. >> it does potentially present an opportunity. and i think that the political economy of kandahar was dominated too much by this guy and was corrupt. we have to see if we can nudge it now in a more positive direction. >> bottom line, shep, it all depends on who or what comes next in terms of power in southern afghanistan. shep? >> shepard: u.s. officials are always chummy chummy with the afghans and playing nice. any official reaction tonight. >> yeah. there has been official reaction both from davids petraeus. the commander in afghanistan. and from the white house through the press spokesman jay carney. in both instances, it was a read between the lines kind of reaction. listen now to jay carney. >> our prayers and sympathies are with the karzai family during this difficult time. the united states condemns in
7:33 pm
the strongest possible terms the murder of president karzai's half-brother in kandahar. >> what is interesting there, shep, is that there was a condemnation of the violence but not a single word of tribute to wali karzai. the bottom line here is that very few u.s. officials or anyone else for that matter are likely to be shedding many tears tonight over the death of ham mid karzai's half-brother, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in new york city tonight. jonathan, thank you. jury selection wrapped up today in the perjury trial of the baseball pitching great roger clemens. as you may remember, the rocket is looking at up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted of lying under oath to the american congress about suspected use of performance enhancing drugs. this all stems from testimony he gave on capitol hill back in 2008. >> i have been accused of something i'm not guilty of. how do you prove a negative? no matter what we discuss here today, i'm never going to have my name restored.
7:34 pm
but i have got to try to set the record straight. let me be clear, i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> shepard: well, that's the part that they say might be the perjury. the jury two men and 10 women a woman coach red sox back when roger clemens was a boston red sox. molly is in d.c. tonight. the judge is going way out of his way to keep the jury away from the media covering this trial, right? >> hi, shep. yes. the 12 jurors and four alternates were seated this afternoon and the judge explained how court will work for them. they will meet in the mornings away from the courthouse, be driven in on buses, enter the courthouse through a back entrance and use back private hallways to get to the courtroom. we have some pictures for you now of clemens leaving the court today. jurors also will eat meals in a private room, away from that public cafeteria. and a couple of other notes on this mostly female jury, one woman says she thinks u.s. drug laws are a bit, quote, heavy handed and a couple of other
7:35 pm
women say they have no interest in baseball. shep? >> shepard: what's the word on opening statements tomorrow, molly? anything? >> expect the defense to hit on the idea that congress had no business in the first place looking into whether clemens had used performance enhancing drugs. emens testified before that house committee that he interjected clemens with steroids some time after he had gone with a pool party with admitted steroids user jose canseco. he denied he attended that pool party. led his lawyer to say in court today we are going to have a mini trial on whether roger clemens went swimming. we have a trial in u.s. district court. congress is going to have a hearing on these things? that's our point. but the prosecutor says illegal drug use or steroid use in major league baseball is a congressional matter and they say they can prove that clemens is lying. shep? >> shepard: molly henneberg live tonight in washington. molly, thank you. and a fox urgent now. an update on what now appears to
7:36 pm
have been a kwame murder in -- quadruple murder. a father returned home, found his wife, and three children shot dead in an upstairs bedroom. all of them there together. the kids aged 12 -- this is an update now, the kids age 12, 1-year-old, and 6 months old. investigators say they are questioning the father though police say they do not have a suspect and they don't know a motive. the coroner is said to have arrived on scene moments ago. an underinvestigation underway. updates as we get them this hour. police in new mexico want a former television producer back from their country to our country to face charges that he strangled his wife while they were on vacation. a judge in the united states has jewels issued a major ruling on the case. we will get the details next. plus, this is not all-star behavior. the details on this bench-clearing brawl as fox reports live from the valley of
7:37 pm
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♪ hah @ face charges he murdered his own wife. you may remember the couple was on vacation in cancun last year when it happened.
7:40 pm
investigators there say the former survivor producer hit his wife in the head with a bat or some sort of pipe then strangled her and dumped her body naked in a sewage tank at an upscale resort. his attorneys claim there is not enough evidence to prove that but federal prosecutors say the evidence against him is overwhelming. and they point to a possible motive, saying his wife threatened to divorce him and froze his assets after he learned of an affair with a coworker. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub this afternoon. trace, he could appeal, this right? >> he could, shep. he likely will appeal because if he doesn't, the united states is required to send him to mexico within 60 days. but, if he does appeal this, that 60 day clock would then stop and the appeals process would be exhausted. that could take up to a year to get him down to mexico. if he ever does go to mexico, he will not be tried by a jury of his piers, only a judge will decide his fate. that judge will have up to a
7:41 pm
year to conclude the evidence. he is facing 12 to 30 years in a mexican prison if is he convicted, shep. >> shepard: he had made this claim that his 6-year-old daughter could prove to everybody that he didn't do this but now they are not going to call the 6-year-old daughter to the witness stand i understand. >> they are not but they did submit all of her statements as evidence. remember, the 6-year-old was in the room when police say that bruce redman killed his wife. but the little girl has already stated that she never saw her mother and father fighting. she never saw her dad hit her mom and that she saw her mom leave the room the night in question, when she disappeared. that daughter, of course, was 5 years old at the time of the murder and the prosecutors say she is an unreliable witness: shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. trace, thanks. history handed before our eyes at the white house today. the president awarded the medal of honor to sergeant leroy petrie.
7:42 pm
an army ranger. he is the only or i should say he is only the second living soldier to receive the nation's highest military honor any time since vietnam. sergeant petrie lost his hand while saving fellow rangers from a live grenade in afghanistan even though he had already had gunshot wounds to both of his own legs. >> leroy petary showed that true heros still exist and they are closer than you think. our heros are all around us. they are the millions of americans in uniform who have served these past 10 years. many deploying tour after tour, year after year. >> shepard: after the attack that earned his medal and almost killed him sergeant petry went back to afghanistan for his eighth tour of duty. wow. james rosen in d.c. tonight. james? >> >> shep, extraordinary, young leroy petry grew up seeing
7:43 pm
pictures of uncles in uniform and said that's my calling, too. he was the senior noncommissioned officer on site a province 60 miles south of kabul when the 75th army ranger ridgement mounted an assault on a terrorist compound and quickly encountered ak 47 fire. private first i can't say lucas robinson was hit on one side. another bullet penetrated each of his legs. one of the terrorists lobbed a grenade. without thinking petry already badly wounded grabbed that grenade and threw it back at the terrorists but it detonated as he did so and petry's right hand was amputated on the spot. he radioed for help and assisted rescuers when he showed up. all of the terrorists were killed. today sergeant petry agreed that all of his fellow service members in uniform are heros. >> they sacrifice every day and deserve your continued support and recognition. i ask whatever -- whenever you have a chance or opportunity to thank them, shake their hand,
7:44 pm
give them a pat on the back for the job they have done because they have earned it. that's the greatest reward any service member can get is just a simple thank you. >> we should point out that another army ranger specialist christopher gather took a gunshot to the head in this operation and paid the ultimate price, shep? >> shepard: james rosen live in d.c. james, thank you. police searching for three people, two of them american, after gunmen kidnapped them. and that tops our news as we go around the world in 80 seconds. philippines. police say 14 armed men arrived on boats in the middle of the night before overpowering unarmed guards on the southern island. we're told the gunmen then stormed a beach house where the american woman, her 14-year-old son and her filipino nephew were spending their vacation. no word of any claim of responsibility, but officials say a number of islamist militant groups are active in
7:45 pm
the area. northern ireland. 22 police officers hurt during protests in the capital city of belfast. officials say angry crowds in catholic neighborhoods threw molotov cocktails, stones and bricks at the cops. a ahead of protestant marches to announce the victory of king william of orange over the catholic king james. rush sharks hundreds gathering along the river to remember the more than 60 people who died when aging cruise ship died on sunday. some mourners throwing flowers into the water. the boat reportedly carried more than 200 passengers. but its license was for only 120. china. the country's space program launching a new satellite from a central province. state media report it will relate data to chinese space craft and space stations. the satellite will help them conduct the country's first space docking and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the
7:46 pm
world in 80 seconds. >> astronauts suiting up for the last scheduled spacewalk of the shuttle era and playing with their brand new space robot. ahead, how the crew trained to pull this off 200 miles from earth. plus, a police chase with a driver who was chatting on his cell phone and driving in the dark without his headlights. we'll show you how this thing ended as fox reports live from phoenix just about 15 minutes ahead of this year's all-star game. but, first, the man who brought us the brady bunch and gilligan's island has died. sherwood swartsz was the writer and creator of those programs. two of the best remembered series of the 1960's and 1970s. great niece said schwartz died at a hospital surrounded by children. he had been suffering from intestinal infection. he started writing jokes for bob hope's radio show and broke into
7:47 pm
television. he wrote the theme song for two hit shows. listen. ♪ here's a story ♪ of a lovely lady ♪ who was bringing up three very lovely girls. >> shepard: brady bunch star florence henderson calling schwartz a great teacher. who could forget the gilligan's island theme ♪ sit right back and hear a tale ♪ tale of a fateful trip. >> shepard: sherwood schwartz dead today at 94. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it.
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major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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>> shepard: a bittersweet milestone today for nasa as two astronauts went on the last scheduled spacewalk for any
7:51 pm
shuttle mission. they stepped out of the international space station to retrieve a broken pump and to test out a robot that may fuel satellites in the future. the two guys who made that spacewalk are full time residents of the international space station. the four person crew of shuttle "atlantis" stayed inside. "atlantis" docked at that space station on sunday two days after this launched from kennedy space center in florida. for years we have seen astronauts leave the comfort of their shuttles to walk in space but only after years of training. nasa hepsz them prepare using a state of the art laboratory and crist is there he is live from johnson space center in houston. hey, chris. >> hi there, shepard. houston is home to the world's largest inel door swimming pool. it's called the neutral buoyancy lab. 202 feet long. 40 feet deep and holds 6.2 million gallons of water it is enormous. that's just one spot where astronauts train for spacewalks. the other is the virtual reality lab. take a look. >> it looks and feels like you are playing a video game.
7:52 pm
high tech glasses and special gloves transmit what i see to a video monitor where instructures watch my every move. >> are you coming right at me. >> i'm coming at. >> you on this day space walker michael helped show me the ropes. >> do you feel like you are in space, chris? >> die. >> look how beautiful that is, right? >> shuttle crews practice space walks in this virtually reality lab using 3-d image of the space station. >> this is important because it gives us an idea what it is going to look like how we are going to communicate to each other. >> you can't practice. have you got to be ready for the ballgame when you get there. this allows to us practice in an environment that is similar at least visually to what we will see. >> astronauts practice handling heavy loads in this facility. here a system of bullies helped me lift what would feel like 1400-pound piece of equipment. >> that's 1400 pounds? >> 1400 pounds you are like hercules. like a space hercules here. >> shepard, to build the international space station it
7:53 pm
took 159 space walks. back to you. >> shepard: that looked like a fun video game. kris gutierrez live at johnson in houston. kris, thanks. no headlights? no problem. a guy on the nighttime trace through the streets of southern california. a news chopper followed it all. officers went after the car following reports of the stolen vehicle but the guy just kept driving. part of the time with no lights on. the chase reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour on the 10 freeway before it moved down to surface streets. once our driver tried getting back on the freeway, a tiny nudge there -- oh, look out that flipped the suv right over. a stand-off followed. before the cops finally took the guy into custody. things getting ugly at a minor league baseball game in spokane, yesterday. this is the video. the trouble reportedly started after the player for the spokane indians grounded him into a forceout at second. the base runner brushed passed the fielder for the vancouver
7:54 pm
canadians. lots of punching and kicking. the umps ejecting four players from the game. just minutes from the start of the big summer classic. fight for home field advantage in the world series. the national league won last year. who who has the edge tonight? we'll hear from chris rose from fox sports as they get ready to roll out the american flag. and the marine asking hollywood starlight mila out online. and she said yes. tonight, we're learning about his reaction. that's as fox reports live tonight. plus, hear from the man who encouraged her to say yes. justin timberlake. during the all-star game on fox. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age
7:55 pm
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>> shepard: the flag is about to roll out and the game is about to get started. on "studio b" i spoke with the host of the fox all star pregame show. chris rose. he gave us a heads up on the got to watch tonight. what we can expect out on the field. >> you will see at more than one home run. i think it will come down to the final few innings. it's why i like the national league. they have a much stronger bullpen at the end of the game. i think it's going to be close. last six games two runs or less. i like pablo one of the best nicknames in the sport and can you think if you panda a guy who weighed 280 pounds only 5'10",
7:58 pm
lost a lot of weight in the off season. reshaped himself and reshaped his game. >> notable absences tonight. among them derek jeeter reportedly due to emotional exhaustion after getting 3,000th hit. we saw him in miami today with his girlfriend. his teammate alex rodriguez is injured and won't play either. still shaping up to be a mighty good game. a pennsylvania marine thanking the hollywood community for helping arrange the date of a lifetime. we reported yesterday about sergeant scott moore's plea to the actress nina kunez. >> hey, mila, i want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18th, greenville, north carolina with yours truly. >> shepard: and she said yes. after j.t. her friend and co-star in the new movie friends with benefits reportedly encouraged her to accept.
7:59 pm
sergeant moore appreciates the love saying quote he has been a great wing man. i owe him one. and on this day in 1979, the disco era came to an exploivel conclusion when the chicago white sox hosted the infamous disco demolition night at the park. it was the brainchild of the chicago d.j. and the plan was blow up a dumpster full of disco records in the middle of a field. and the team offered discounted tickets to anybody who brought along a disco record. 80,000 people showed up instead of the expected 20,000. nobody collected the record. so folks chucked them all over the place. after the d.j. blew up the dumpster, fans stormed the field there were riots and bonfires. some people climbed the poles. destroyed the batting cages. disco and baseball did not mix 32 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, july the 12th, 20

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